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CGA students are cautioned that the form and content of some of the published examinations and suggested solutions may not be representative of current CGA courses, because of recent changes to the format of some examinations and to the program syllabus.
For example, CGA examinations make increasing use of multiple-choice questions and integrated questions, and this may or may not be represented in past examinations published on this site. Similarly, the content of some CGA courses may be revised extensively from one academic year to the next; therefore, the content of past examinations may not be representative of current course content and focus. It is recommended that CGA students use the practice examination provided with the course for a more accurate representation of current course content and examination format.



Adobe Acrobat is required to open the past examinations.
If you cannot open the examinations, Install Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The CGA Exams links are divided into the course streams.

Please select the examination you wish to view from the following list:


Past examination results are available, by session, for:
December 1999
March 2000
June 2000
September 2000
December 2000
March 2001
June 2001



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